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Attaching meaning to an act results in a more positive, favorable experience. All videos will open with a 5 -10 minute introduction explaining the meaning and what to expect from the meditation. 

  • SAMPLE WITH LOVE: This complimentary video focusing on love will give you a sneak peak of the format and substance of the entire video library - 10 minutes

  • UPGRADE YOUR BLUEPRINT: Focuses on overall health and well being - 20 minutes

  • EVERYDAY BLESSINGS: Gratitude - “The ultimate state of receivership” Dr. Joe Dispenza - 40 minutes

  • SOARING WITH THE HEART: The heart has been proven to be very wise! Having the courage to open your heart by focusing on and trusting in your heart’s intelligence opens the door to a whole new world - 30 minutes

  • BODY VITALITY: Scanning the body from head to foot focusing on the health and vitality of your muscles, joints, organs, tissues and cells - 30 minutes

  • FLYING FREE: Focuses on releasing stress and anxiety through breathing and learning to relax your body - 20 minutes

  • REWRITE THE STORY TO SOAR: Our subconscious brain runs 95% of our lives. So much of this neurological programming is based on limiting beliefs and made up stories. This meditation provides the opportunity and space to rewrite the script that has been controlling our lives resulting in the life that WE choose - 30 minutes

  • MAGIC CARPET FLIGHT: So many of us put everyone else’s needs and wants ahead of our own. This leaves us feeling unfilled, exhausted and resentful. Reconnect with yourself by taking a trip on your magic carpet spending time with just yourself doing just what you want to do - 20 minutes

  • LEARNING TO SOAR: Designed for the beginner in mind, this meditation is shorter and focuses on the basics of learning a meditation practice - 10 minutes

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