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The Red Bird is a spiritual bird that represents power, enthusiasm, vitality, and confidence.

The Red Bird's health is symbolic of strength, readiness, and vitality.  Its feistiness reflects its active and passionate personality.  A diet consisting of weeds, seeds, and insects that are injurious to humans suggests that our diet can be harmful to us.  This should be a sign that we must be prepared to fight for our health.  The confidence and spiritual strength exuded from the Red Bird remind us that we also have the strength and ability within ourselves to win the fight for our health!

The Red Bird's beautiful red color is symbolic of vitality, importance, faith, and power.  This reminds us that each of us plays an important role in the circle of life and that having faith in the trials of our lives can give us hope and prevent us from giving up!

The Red Bird does not migrate.  As year-round birds,

they represent a 12-month cycle.  Twelve is considered

a powerful cycle in nature (12 hours make a day, 12

hours make a night, 12 months in a year).  We are part

of this cycle.  At any given time, regardless of where

we are in the cycle, we have the opportunity for growth,

restoration, revitalization, and renewal.

The Red Bird's call is loud and clear.  Symbolic of cheer,

clarity, and communication, its sound is like the word

"cheer" as if to cheer us on in life.  Unlike other birds, the

male and female actually sing together as if they were

communicating.  This is a reminder of how important

communication is in our own relationships.

The Red Bird's vibrant color, strong, clear call, and feisty personality reflect an aura of being strong, confident, and self-assured. As humans, we too need to be confident and self-assured, knowing who we are and what we want.  This is a vital component of living in peace and happiness.

I challenge and encourage you to look to the Red Bird for guidance.  By taking the qualities represented, you can live a life of physical and mental strength, confidence, power, and vitality, soaring to a healthier you!

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