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Sports and Artistic Performance


The goal of every athlete, student and artist is to perform at their best, especially in high pressure situations. Not only does this require physical skills, but also extreme mental focus as well. Research has shown that using mental strategies such as meditation has proven effective at improving overall and situational performance on and off the field. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • staying calm under pressure, staying relaxed and centered

  • pain tolerance

  • enhanced endurance through visualization and breathing exercisess

  • improves mind - body connection 

  • improves sleep which aids in recovery

  • improves focus and concentration

  • reduces stress and anxiety aiding in mental clarity and better decision making

  • boosts immune system helping to prevent illness and time away from activity


This offering is available to individuals and groups/teams.

Investment for individuals $149

Investment for teams/groups, contact Leigh

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